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Dauntless "Call of the Void" update revealed, coming next week

The monster-filled world of Dauntless is about to get a bit more crowded as the first reveal for the game's Call of the Void update dropped this morning.


Available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games Store, Dauntless has quickly become a fantastic free-to-play adventure for fans of games similar to the Monster Hunter series. Offering up a colorful world filled with unique characters and behemoths, Dauntless continues to grow and evolve as developer Phoenix Labs creates new avenues of exploration for players to enjoy. The latest update, set to arrive on June 11, introduces a brand-new gauntlet-style Escalation mission, as well as the game’s first living and evolving storyline.

Dauntless Call of the Void - Thrax
This piece of keyart gives players a good glimpse at Thrax, the new Behemoth arriving with the Call of the Void update.

While the new Umbral Escalation is definitely a big header here in the update, there are plenty of other things to get excited about when it comes to the Call of the Void update. Not only will the mission include new gear for players to acquire, but players will have to face off against new umbral infused enemies that feature stronger attacks and combat patterns. All of this culminates in the Escalation’s final Behemoth, Thrax. The latest Behemoth to join the line-up, Thrax uses Umbral Portals to move quickly around the arena, disorienting Slayers and attacking from every possible direction.

The update doesn’t stop there. It also brings about an improved dodging system, as well as a full-fledged Training Grounds area for players to experiment and test out all the different weapon types and gear available to them. I recently got to spend some time in the Training Grounds during a special preview event for the update, and it offers a really smooth setup for new players – or even experienced ones– to try out the different weapons, see how they work, and even test out their combo attacks.

The training grounds offer a new place for players to get used to new weapons.
The training grounds offer a new place for players to get used to new weapons.

Furthermore, the team at Phoenix Labs has continued to work hard to make the game available to more people around the world, and June 11’s Call of the Void update will also bring with it the release of full Russian localization. This puts the game at roughly 8 different language options, which enables plenty of options for players all around the world to jump in and enjoy all that Dauntless has to offer without having to worry about a language barrier.

On top of everything we’ve already covered, this upcoming update will also bring about a number of UI improvements, which help break down damage info a lot better. This will allow players to see how weapons and cell combinations perform in-game, granting them more ways to maximize their power and skills. The update will also introduce a new journal that acts as an information hub for pretty much everything you’ll run into in the world, including bestiary-like entries for the game’s growing list of Behemoths, and the various NPCs around Ramsgate.

The Call of the Void update will be available to Dauntless players on all  platforms on June 11, and will help usher in a new season of storytelling for the game world that players will see the consequences of for months or even years to come. You can head over to the official site to learn more right now.

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