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Unboxing & Review: Diamond Select Toys Tron Movie Figures

Check out our full look and analysis of Set 1 of the Diamond Select Toys Tron Movie Figures, including Tron, Sark, and Infiltrator Flynn.


The 1982 film Tron was an iconic point of Disney’s catalogue, featuring a wealth of effects that, while dated now, were incredible at the time. Follow up movies like Tron Legacy, television series like Tron: Uprising, and video games like Tron 2.0 have kept the series around into modern times, but there’s still something special about that 1982 film where it all began. In honor of it, Diamond Select Toys has kicked off a new line of Tron movie figures and the first set is available now, featuring Sark, Infiltrator Flynn, and Tron himself.

Diamond Select Toys’ Tron Movie figures are 7-inch tall figures that come with faithful painted and etched features, 16 points of articulation, figure stands, data disc and effect accessories, two sets of attachable and detachable hands, and full-color packaging featuring key movie art. Each of the figures separately will run about $20, but you can also get all three of the Set 1 Tron Movie figures in a convenient pack for $60.

From top to bottom, the figures look very nice for the $20 price point. The details are good and unique on each figure, and even between similar figures Infiltrator Flynn and Sark, there are small differences that fans of the film should appreciate. The data disc accessories are a nice touch as well and can make for a number of fun options in posing.

The figure stands do come in handy when it comes to this as the figures don’t stand up on their own. However, one of our only gripes is that the stand pegs that attach to the holes in each figure’s feet are just a touch too small, making attachment just a bit loose. That said, for the price, the first set of the Diamond Select Toys’ Tron Movie figures are a solid and economical buy for any fan of the Tron series.

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