Frogwares announces new game Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

It's a whole new chapter for Sherlock Holmes as Frogwares' latest game explores the legendary detective's earliest exploits.


Frogwares has just announced its latest project, and it's elementary, my dear Watson.

The developer is moving away from its Lovecraftian phase to deal with the world's greatest detective: Sherlock Holmes. In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, players will explore a third-person, open-world story-driven thriller that acts as a prequel to Holmes' established adventures. It's a reimagining of how he reached his iconic sleuth status and how he kept it over the years.

The game will be built around the "Global Investigation System" that the team has coined, offering no handholding and extended freedom for players to solve cases that feel more like real detective work. There will be clues that need to be acquired throughout a variety of methods, with various combinations that will require players to really think about what they're doing.

"This time around we wanted to be more creative with the story we told and found an idea that hasn’t really been touched on by other adaptations - Sherlock’s 'first big case' as a young 21 year old adult. He is Sherlock at his core, but at this point he’s more raw talent than refined genius. Reckless and impatient and a tad brazen, but unknowingly already on the path to greatness." said Antonina Melnykova, Lead Narrative Designer.

"While we’re getting more creative with the backstory of Sherlock, fans of the series and character can rest assured we're sticking close to the source material to keep it cohesive. Most people have a firm view of who Sherlock is. Our story isn’t about changing that, but rather exploring how he could have come to be this way, exploring ideas right down to how he acquired his penchant for the violin, his distinct hat and even his addiction to drugs."

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is set to debut in 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as well as next-gen consoles. Here's hoping we get another good look at it soon from Frogwares.

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