Skyrim Grandma is taking a break for health concerns [UPDATED]

Shirley Curry is going to take a bit of a break to get her health in order after stress from livestreaming has increased her blood pressure.


UPDATED (May 26, 2020 @ 11:03AM PT): Shirley "Skyrim Grandma" Curry recently addressed the supposed stories going on about patronizing comments and harrassment as originally reported by VG247. According to Curry, though the video in the original story below lays out her stress with some viewers complaining and telling her how to play, as well as the concerns over her own health, it wasn't "an onslaught" of comments that pushed her to her decision. Rather, Curry claims that the harrassment was greatly exaggerated and that despite explaining her annoyance with the aforementioned commentary on her videos laid out in the original story, those comments and commenters make up a very small part of her audience.

Curry clarifies in the tweet above that, more than any sort of perceived harrassment or annoyance with commenters, her health is the priority behind her decision to scale back recording. A part of this was also frustration with certain bugs in Skyrim, which had forced Curry to the decision to end the Chronicles of Jhondor series of videos. Clearly, Skyrim Grandma's health concerns and frustration stemmed from a multitude of concerns, but it would appear that the original perception of nasty commentary as the priority reason may have been blown out of proportion.

With this clarification in mind, the original headline and strapline have been corrected to more accurately convey Shirley "Skyrim Grandma" Curry's intentions in her recent video.

Original Story: Shirley Curry, known by many as Skyrim Grandma, is taking some time to focus on her health following online trolls and negative comments on her videos. The 82-year old gamer has become an online sensation that has won the hearts of gamers the world over. To hear she’s been dealing with unsavory comments online is heartbreaking.

Shirley “Skyrim Grandma” Curry is taking a break

Three weeks ago, Shirley posted a video titled “Shirley’s Ohio Vlog #12” where she outlines what’s been going on. This story was originally reported on by Emily Gera of VG247 on May 25, 2020. According to Shirley's vlog, the elderly gamer is tired of comments telling her how to play, questioning her in-game choices, and otherwise belittling her.

Shirley goes on to state that her blood pressure is high, as are her stress levels, and she’s got a plan to combat that. Firstly, any comments telling her how to play will be deleted. As she puts it, she’s tired of explaining to people why she plays the way she does.

“I’m not enjoying recording anymore at all, it’s no longer fun,” Shirley admits. “I feel like I’m under a microscope all the time. I have much more fun, and I play much better, when I’m just playing by myself.”

Secondly, Shirley will be taking some time off to get her health in order. This is the perfect time to do that, as there are no doubt outside pressures and stresses thanks to the COVID-19 situation. She’ll be having at least two weeks off before starting a new streaming schedule, which looks to give her more downtime to care for herself.

It’s certainly a sad day when someone like Shirley Curry has to take time off because of comments leading to stress. Backseat gamers are the worst, and as Shirley puts it, “I don’t need people telling me what sword to use or shield to use. I have my favorites.”

Shirley wraps up by stating she’s not trying to be cranky, mean, or hurtful, she’s just trying to get her health under control. Goodness knows we need Shirley feeling tip-top so she can meet herself as an NPC in Elder Scrolls 6.

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    May 26, 2020 4:00 AM

    Sam Chandler posted a new article, Skyrim Grandma is taking a break because of online trolls

    • reply
      May 26, 2020 5:34 AM

      People online: Still the worst :(

    • reply
      May 26, 2020 5:59 AM

      rule #1 - never read the comments. people suck

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        May 26, 2020 10:24 AM

        rule #2 - For situations where rule #1 may not seem to apply, please refer back to rule #1.

    • reply
      May 26, 2020 6:55 AM

      Sometimes I think there needs to be a license required to play a game online.

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        May 26, 2020 7:04 AM

        You mean interact with humans in any way. some of the internet douchelords are hiding behind anonymity, but there are many who are human diarrhea to all they encounter in actual life as well. In general people are too nice to punch people in the mouth that deserve it.

        Imagine a world where shitheads get 'shadowbanned' and only interact with each other.

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        May 26, 2020 9:08 AM

        Honestly, if you could be suspended from the internet the same way you can have your driver's license suspended for just being the worst, that'd be great.

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          May 26, 2020 9:09 AM

          I don't know if you've driven lately but there are lots of awful drivers out there.

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            May 26, 2020 9:10 AM

            Yeah, they should also have their licenses suspended. It seems like everyone forgot how to drive in quarantine.

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      May 26, 2020 10:33 AM

      Dang, how have I not found out about this before?

      Okay, I have a new goal for my life. She's 84, still plays games and has been doing recording for a few years. THAT'S AWESOME.
      I've only watch part of this, but so far she's pretty good about doing running commentary about what's she doing. I'll have to check out more of her videos to see if she works on her delivery. She needs a better mic on this 1st vid. Her plosives are wrecking havoc with the mic. Although, a limiter filter on OBS would fix that too.

    • reply
      May 26, 2020 11:18 AM

      Article has been updated with clarification from Shirley "Skyrim Grandma" Curry. According to Curry, patronizing comments and harassment were exaggerated and not the priority reason she's dialing back streams. The title and strapline have been adjusted with this clarification and an update has been added.

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