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Unboxing & Review: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - Jay Action Figure

Watch as we unbox and showcase the new Jay figure from the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot film.


Over the last several years, pop culture has adopted a philosophy of “what’s old, is new.” A number of dormant video game and film properties have seen revivals in the form of reboots or sequels. Kevin Smith’s Clerks featured the characters Jay and Silent Bob and is of the most beloved among his fans, helping to catapult his career. These characters received their own revival with 2019’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. A line of figures inspired by the film were made to celebrate its release. We got our hands on the Jay action figure, and have unboxed it for your viewing pleasure. 

In the embedded video, we open up the Jay figure and get a close look at everything that comes inside. Manufactured by Diamond Select Toys, the Jay figure stands at 7 inches tall. A number of accessories are included with the figure. This includes swappable hands, a mini marijuana tree, a Mooby’s drinking cup, and a very small blunt. Lastly, the package comes with a mini Jay action figure, based on the larger action figure, based on the character from the films.

The 7-inch figure itself features jointed legs and arms, making it posable and compatible with the number of accessories that come with it. The self-referential humor that viewers have come to expect from Kevin Smith’s films and characters is clearly evident in the figures. The Jay figure currently retails for $29.99. For more information (and to see the silent bob figure) pay a visit to Diamond Select’s website. To hear the comprehensive review, you’ll have to check out the video above. For more unboxings and reviews, subscribe to the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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