Warhammer Underworlds Online Review

Steel Sky Productions' Warhammer Underworlds has finally arrived on digital fronts. Our review.


Warhammer Underworlds has been one of the most popular titles in tabletop gaming. This board game combined card collecting and deck building with core RPG mechanics to create a unique tabletop gaming experience. Now, the game is seeing a digital adaptation with Warhammer Underworlds Online. We jumped in to see how the video game stacks up to its physical predecessor. 

In our video review, we take an in-depth look at Warhammer Underworlds Online. Developed by Australian developer Steel Sky Productions, there were considerably high expectations for this adaptation. The developers would need to change the game to fit its new medium while retaining everything that fans loved about the original. 

Warhammer Underworlds Online is practically a 1:1 recreation of the board game. Players are restricted on how many moves they’re allowed to make between turns, forcing them to carefully consider each and every move. While everything has gone digital, the game still operates using a virtual die. In several cases, the fate of a match came down to either a good or bad dice roll. This could potentially frustrate some players.

For the full breakdown and verdict on Warhammer Underworlds Online, check out our video review above. For more video reviews, subscribe to Shacknews on YouTube.

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  • Fun animations
  • Competitive gameplay
  • A true digital replica of the game
  • More environments would be welcome
  • Some players may hate dice RNG mechanics
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