Unboxing & Review: Funko Pop! Funkoverse strategy game add-ons

Greg unboxes and takes a look at the latest in the Funko Pop! Funkoverse lineup.


Funko Pop! has made quite a few great looking figures in their time, and the latest offerings from the Funko Pop! Funkoverse lineup are fantastic. If you’re interested in the Funko Pop! boardgame series, then I’ve got some cool stuff to show you as we unbox a few of the new Funkoverse figurine sets in today’s video. I managed to get my hands on three of the latest sets from Funko Pop! in this latest video, including the new Jurassic Park base game set, the Kool-Aid Man expansion, and the Aggretsuko expansion. Let’s take a look.

As with any Funko Pop! figures, these sets are all put together really well. While I’m not wholly that familiar with Aggretsuko, the figurine looks great. There’s no board here, though, so this particular piece just acts as an expansion. You will find that this particular pack includes its own crystal markers, as well as a special chainsaw item.

Next on the list is the Kool-Aid Man. Similar to Aggretsuko, the Kool-Aid Man figure acts as an expansion for the Funkoverse strategy game. This means you’ll find its own colored crystal tokens inside. There’s no special item or board this time around, though.

Finally, the big deal here, is the Jurassic Park base game set. This package contains quite a few figurines, including a raptor, Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and Ray Arnold. Each of the pieces look great, though they are a bit smaller than some of the other Funko Pop! figures. The Jurassic Park set also includes a board, as well as special amber-colored markers, a raptor claw fossil, and a set of night vision goggles.

Of course, you can learn more about these Funko Pop! sets by checking out the video we’ve embedded above. Also, be sure to head over to the Shacknews YouTube channel, where you can find more great videos and unboxings like this.

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