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Colorful Ninjala now delayed to late June

We'll have to wait a bit longer before we can jump into this rainbow-hued multiplayer affair, and that's a real bubblegum bummer.


Another day, another delay, as they say. Well, "they" don't say that, but that's what's going on. GungHo Online Entertainment has delayed free-to-play multiplayer gum battler Ninjala from its May 28 release date. Now we won't be getting our ninja on until late June.

This is another delay that can be chalked up to the coronavirus pandemic, which the company announced recently via GungHo's director, president, and CEO Kazuki Morishita.

"Ninjala is a battle ninja gum action game where players can enjoy free-roaming 3D action battles in stages that allow for movement in all directions, whether running along walls or fighting in mid-air," he wrote. "Using height differences to their full advantage, players engage in fierce battles using various weapons and powerful ninjutsu techniques.We are sorry for worrying everyone who look forward to releasing of this title. We continuously prevent the spread of COVID-19 and develop this game."

Unfortunately, the game will now be headed to Nintendo Switch on June 25. You'll want to go ahead and update your calendar, because this is going to be a knock-down, drag-out battler you won't want to miss. 

I went hands-on with Ninjala at PAX West 2018 and had a blast. Here's an excerpt from my experience.

"The bigger the bubble, the bigger the weapon that can be formed from said gum. If you blow a bigger bubble, you'll get a slower, heavier weapon with higher damage. If you blow a smaller bubble, you'll get a smaller, faster weapon. The blitz of a demo I participated in during PAX West barely gave me time to play around with the mechanics, but running around busting out parkour moves on rooftops and up the sides of buildings gave me a rush like little else."

We'll be bringing you more NInjala when the game finally releases on June 25. 

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