Grim Reaper puzzler Death Coming is free on the Epic Games Store

Grab this fun free game from the Epic Games Store that has you knocking off unsuspecting folks, Final Destination-style.


Looking for another free game to add to your collection? The Epic Games Store has you covered. This week's free title is NEXT Studios' Death Coming.

Death Coming is a non-linear puzzle game features a fun isometric pixelated atmosphere with fun little folks scurrying around waiting for death. It's your job to use items to kill them, much like you'd see in a Final Destination movie. You've got to then harvest their souls. You're Death, after all. But you still have to follow the rules.

Every level ranges from something kooky like a military lab to a neighborhood, and the people are controlled via AI. You never know how they'll respond, but you have to make sure you figure out a way to take them out in accordance with the Free Will Clause.

This hilarious puzzler will have plenty of ways to challenge you, but the coolest part is that it's free, of course. It's up for grabs until May 14. After that, there's another title on its way, but Epic Games has apparently declined to share what that is. It's a "mystery game," so we'll have to wait until it shows up on the store.

If you didn't hear the word, last week's free selections were Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands.

Be sure you don't miss out on this one, because it looks like a wacky good time, that's for sure. 

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