Skater Jason Dill confirms new Tony Hawk and Skate 3 mobile games

Dill spoke about the offer to participate in a Skate 3 mobile game and confirmed that there's a new Tony Hawk game on the way as well.


It looks like there's another Skate game on the horizon. Oh, wait. Actually, no. Our bad. This is Skate 3 Mobile. Sorry to get your hopes up like that.

In a new interview with The Nine Club Podcast, skater and musician Jason Dill confirmed both a new Skate game as well as a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, though the Skate title is certainly not what any of us were waiting for.

Dill spoke about the existence of a mobile version of Skate 3, which he promptly told EA where to stick it, because we all want Skate 4.

"I got a call from the EA people about 10 months ago, and they said, ‘Hey, we want to talk about the Skate game.’ I said, oh that’s fine. [They] said, basically, ‘Hey Jason, we wanna do a mobile version of Skate 3.’ I wrote back, and I said, ‘What else?’ She wrote back, ‘No, that’s it,'" Dill recounted.

"I wrote back, ‘Look, no big deal, no one wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3. Make Skate-fucking-4 already, cause, like, just do it. Just make the game and participate again. You can’t level it to the same numbers you get on other games, you do it for a cultural thing that pays you back later."

Dill also noted, ahead of that outburst, that a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater title is headed out this year, and he also contributed to the soundtrack. There have been no official announcements for either title just yet, but there's still time. EA announced its upcoming EA Play event in June, so it's possible we could hear about one or both during that time.

But of course, this exchange has us wondering, above all else, where is Skate 4

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