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Red Dead Redemption 2 update 1.19 PC patch notes

Curious to know what the May 4 update 1.19 patch notes for Red Dead Redemption on PC include? Here's what we know.


A new update for Red Dead Redemption 2 just dropped on PC and players are curious to know what the May 4 PC update patch notes cover. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to tell, but we’ve compiled all the info we know below.

UPDATED: This article previously stated that the patch notes were not available, as Rockstar had not released them just now. Since the original posting time, Rockstar has officially unveiled the full details of the patch.

Red Dead Redemption 2 May 4 PC update patch notes

While there weren't any official patch notes when we originally put this article together, Rockstar has now updated the site with official details. Previously all we knew was that the patch seemed to have fixed the game's issues with TAA Sharpening. These changes were detailed in this Chatty post from Shadowdane, which showed off the changes made with the update.

Since the original post went live, Rockstar has since released the full patch notes for the PC only update on the Rockstar support website. These patch notes include:

  • Improved texture rendering at the Medium and High quality settings, so the game will now show a higher level of texture detail without impacting framerate or requiring more system resources
  • Increased the maximum range of the TAA Sharpening graphics setting, allowing players to make the game appear less blurry and match the quality available with external driver solutions
  • Fixed an issue that caused some system configurations to misreport the amount of free video memory available for the game to use
  • Fixed caching issues that caused graphical issues and missing UI that occurred after upgrading a system’s graphics card
  • Fixed a rendering issue with shimmering/flickering textures near campfires when Parallax Occlusion Mapping was set to Ultra quality
  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused blocky shadow textures around the player that could occur on some systems while Parallax Occlusion Mapping was set to Ultra quality
  • Fixed an issue that prevented cloud transition screens from displaying on death/respawn when the system is low on video memory
  • Fixed an issue with occlusion checks that could occur when running with DirectX 12, which prevented progress on some Story Mode missions
  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused graphical artifacts to appear around distant trees on some system configurations while MSAA was active
  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused flickering snow particle effects on some system configurations with multiple graphics cards
  • Fixed a water rendering issue that caused flickering when running with DirectX 12 and having the Water Reflection / Refraction Quality levels set to Low
  • Fixed a water rendering issue that caused incorrect wave simulation on some system configurations using multiple graphics cards
  • Fixed an issue with hardware auto-detection that caused some system configurations to incorrectly default to low quality graphical settings on first boot
  • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect "Minimum Hardware Requirements not met" error on launch with some older system configurations that did meet the required specification
  • Fixed several crashes that may have occurred when launching the game on certain hardware configurations
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during gameplay when running out of system memory, resulting in a ERR_GFX_STATE error
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur when switching between graphics APIs and display modes on some system configurations
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when significantly increasing graphics settings, causing the system to run out of video memory
  • Fixed several crashes and performance issues when using Intel NUC systems or when using integrated graphics hardware
  • Fixed several random crashes that occurred during gameplay in Story Mode and Red Dead Online

If you’ve missed it, we’ve been playing our way through Red Dead Redemption 2’s campaign again over on the official Shacknews Twitch channel with our Managing Editor, Bill Lavoy. He’s got a great eye for the frontier, and does a great job of showing you around without spoiling things. So, if you’ve been wanting to see some of the cowboy action from the single player, but haven’t felt like playing through it yourself, then you can tune in throughout the week to see Bill take on the wild lands as Arthur Morgan and the rest of the Van der Linde gang.

For more help, be sure to visit our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide.

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