Free Epic Games Store games will now require two-factor authentication

Be sure to turn on this feature if you're going to be downloading your free games from now on.


If you make sure you snap up every new free Epic Games Store title that's added to the service, you'll want to do a quick security checkup on your account.

Starting today and ending on May 21, you will need to turn on two-factor authentication for your account before you claim any free games from the Epic Games Store. This is in an effort to "encourage" players to strengthen account security, Epic noted on the store's official blog.

If you don't have two-factor authentication turned on, when you try to claim a free game, here's what you'll see instead:

"Two Factor Authentication Required. Claiming this free game requires you to have Two-Factor Authentication setup on your account. Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional level of security to your Epic Games account and will help prevent unauthorized access."

That's all very true. Basically, all you'll have to change is the fact that you'll start getting a code to input in your account when you sign in. It's a small measure to take, but a great one to implement if you're ever scared you're going to have your account hacked into. You can have your code sent to you by smartphone or by email. We have a guide that can walk you all the way through that. 

Right now, the free Epic Games Store title is For the King. Starting tomorrow, April 30, it will be switched over to Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crash-lands.

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