Dying Light Hellraid DLC gets summer 2020 release date

Get a taste of a radically different version of Dying Light with the upcoming first-person Hellraid DLC.


There's still a bit of life left in the first Dying Light before the sequel debuts. Techland's releasing additional DLC for the zombie adventure, reaching back into the past from the content the company put on hold in 2015 to bring it out this summer.

Dying Light's Hellraid is a first-person fantasy slasher that follows an old arcade machine that survivors stumbled upon in the Tower's basement during a power outage. It had never been seen before, so the team brought it upstairs to investigate further.

But it hides terrifying secrets, as you'll soon find out in this DLC. Based on Techland's first-person game Hellraid, this DLC will give Dying Light a new dungeon all of enemies to slay with a ton of interesting new weapons. You can play with friends for fast-paced co-op or go it alone for some bloody good fun.

There isn't a lot of information floating around at the moment about what to expect from Hellraid, but there will be additional details coming out at a later date. 

Do you think this is a great way to revitalize Dying Light before its sequel finally releases? Let us know in the comments below.

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    April 29, 2020 10:12 AM

    Brittany Vincent posted a new article, Dying Light Hellraid DLC gets summer 2020 release date

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      April 29, 2020 11:13 PM

      What!!!!!!???? This is really cool, having said that I have been waiting for the game Hellraid for years maybe this is a in game demo!????!!!!!

      I want to believe, regardless My body is ready for Dying Light 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        April 30, 2020 1:18 AM

        agreed on all counts. I don't even know what hellraid is, but from that other thread trailer looks pretty freaking dope

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