Nintendo looking into unauthorized account access and purchases

If you fear someone's been using your Nintendo account as of late, you're not alone. Nintendo is investigating the happenings.


If you've been seeing shady activity on your Nintendo Account as of late, you might want to look a little closer. Nintendo certainly will be.

There have been multiple reports of Switch owners coming out saying that their Nintendo Accounts have been accessed lately without their permission. These reports have been running rampant online and Nintendo has begun looking into the phenomenon.

The company has yet to confirm that this activity has been taking place, but it did release a statement by way of Eurogamer noting that it was "aware of reports of unauthorized access" and that the company would be investigating summarily.

As a result, you may want to go ahead and lock your Nintendo Account down by using two-factor authentication. Lucky for you, your friends at Shacknews have put together a guide to show you how to do just that because we're on top of things. Plus, it's a good idea to use this type of security anyway.

Now with these precautions, you should be fine if some bad actor decides to use your account, but even with these protections in place, annoying things can still happen. Be sure to keep an eye on your bank account and stay extra vigilant about your Nintendo Account. You never know who could be fiddling with your stuff. 

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