Best Buy iPad Mini deal drops price up to $100 on latest models

Snag an iPad mini on the cheap in either space configuration so you've got plenty to do while sitting at home in quarantine.


Looking to add a new tablet to your arsenal? Best Buy has a great option for you. The latest model of the iPad mini is on sale at the retailer for an unspecified period of time at Best Buy. Might want to go ahead and snap up the model you're interested in, and fast, before it disappears out of stock.

Right now at Best Buy, you can get the 64GB version in Space Gray, Gold, or Silver for $70 of its retail price of $399.99, making it $329.99. You can also opt for the 256GB version in the same color choices for $100 off, which means you'll pay $449.99 before tax. Those are some pretty great deals if you're needing a great tablet option but don't want to spring for a full-sized iPad Pro or a laptop for whatever you need to do online.

The iPad mini is awesome used as a comic book reader or a way to catch up with the day's news as you lounge around your house. It's the perfect form factor, honestly, for smaller hands, and that's why I'm over here seriously considering getting one even though I have the more powerful iPad Pro. It's also much bigger, and less comfortable to use, if I'm being honest.

But to each his own when it comes to picking out a tablet that works for them! This is still a great deal and if you need a way to entertain yourself (or maybe the kids) while staying at home and social distancing, you might want to snap one up. Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you end up doing just that. 

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