Resident Evil Resistance gets Mastermind Nicholai Ginovaef this May

The asynchronous multiplayer game's roster of heroes and villains continues to grow with Nicholai this May and Jill Valentine today.


Resident Evil Resistance is adding another Mastermind come this May, so get ready for another diabolical mind to stand in the way of you and freedom. Zombies are annoying and all, but it's the Masterminds of each multiplayer match that you really have to watch out for.

Starting this May, Resident Evil 3 antagonist Nicholai Ginovaef will be headed to the game, joining other Masterminds like Annette Birkin, Alex Wesker, and Ozwell E. Spencer to totally ruin your day and your life.

Masterminds are roles that one player can fill in the asynchronous multiplayer game. They're able to set traps, change up the game's environment to confuse and otherwise kill Survivors, and even use bioweapons like the Tyrant to wreak havoc. Survivors simply need to, well, survive. And starting today, you get to use Jill Valentine as the newest playable Survivor. Looks like there are additional characters on the way as well, according to the tweet from the official Resident Evil account

In case you missed it, be sure to check out David Craddock's review of Resident Evil 3, which he awarded a 9 out of 10. Here's what he thought about the game:

"Fans spent over 20 years clamoring for a remake of a specific entry in the series, and it wasn't Resident Evil 3. Let that serve as proof that developers often know what we want better than we do. I did not go into this review expecting RE3's reimagining to be the best Resident Evil I've played, or one of the best games I've played, ever."

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