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Couchmaster CYBOT review: Comfort for couch potatoes

Sitting on the couch all day just became loads more productive with this ingenious invention that'll change the way you view working at home.


I often work from early morning to late night on my MacBook Pro. I tirelessly grind away most of the day using a plastic TV tray while I sit on the couch, my back hunched over and my legs stretched out on either side of it. I have a computer desk and a great desktop. But I also have an extremely needy miniature dachshund that I’ve had a terrible time training. While she’s growing up, she wants to be near me at all times, and she can’t do that so much when I’m at the desk using the computer, mere feet away.

So that means if I want to get anything done, I have to sacrifice comfort and ergonomics for the good of my precious little weiner dog. I've come to terms with that. So the Couchmaster CYBOT was a dream come true. It's a couch desk meant for working in comfort from – you guessed it – your couch. Since I began rotating it into my work schedule, I'm happy to report I'm not hobbling to bed at the end of the day and finally have a setup in the living room that my dog can spend time with me in and leave me the heck alone while I'm trying to work. Oh, and my back is pretty happy, too.

Getting comfortable

You may be confused as to what a "couch desk" actually is. It's simple. It's exactly what it sounds like. In this case, it's a lap desk combined with cushions on either side as well as a mouse pad to rest your wrists on. There's a special ventilation grille on the desk to help keep your laptop in place (that's what the desk is made to support, after all). You have plenty of room for your laptop (my 13-inch MacBook fit nicely) as well as a tablet or a smartphone in addition to your mouse. The desk will support up to a 17-inch gaming laptop, so if you've got a big computer, you're still covered here.

Interestingly enough, some of the setup is covered in Kevlar (a bulletproof material), with the fronts of the cushions on either side covered in the material as well. The main body of the desk unit is made out of sustainable bamboo, but still manages to remain reliably sturdy. But the kevlar is the odd part of the assembly to me. While very cool, I can't think of a situation where I'd be sitting on my couch in dire need of bulletproof support to keep me safe, but I like that it's there nevertheless. Just in case I ever need to throw it up over my face or something. Good too know Couchmaster has me covered. Thanks, my dudes.

Your couch is now your battle station

Granted, there's not much I can say about a desk. Is it flat? Yes. Does it stay together? Yes. And it's sturdy and comfortable, which isn't easy to ensure when you're working with the tight space that a couch provides. But there are plenty of intricacies about the CYBOT that should definitely be mentioned.

For instance, I really appreciated the sleekness of the design and the accessory bags on either side of the cushions. I don't want to keep getting up to grab things from another room or lose them on the couch when the dog is trying to snuggle with me. So putting my Apple TV remote in the pocket or even additional cables there is a good idea so I don't have frayed ends or broken remotes. Plus, the dog doesn't care to dig down into the pockets to get to everything. 

The Couchmaster truly shined, ironically, when I used it in bed. It felt like having breakfast delivered to me on a fancy tray, and since I often spend time in bed waking up and working before starting my day, I've since begun taking the desk with me from bed to the living room and I've no longer been dreading an entire day of sitting with my back twisted into an uncomfortable position. I know, that's my fault, but it's just how I have to work right now.

My only true gripe is that I wish there were some way to make the desk a bit more adjustable to my height depending on where I'm sitting, whether in bed or on the couch, but using cushions like this does tend to make that a bit difficult. 

Postured for success

Couchmaster has created a fantastic, comfortable, and sturdy product. I didn't realize what I was missing until I had it here in my home: a desk that's pliable, soft, but sturdy and easy to move around. It really is a viable replacement for a regular desk or just leaning on the edge of the couch and using a tray like an absolute idiot like I did for two years with my elderly dog who had the same attachment issues.

Whether you've got children who insist on hanging on your every word and action or some sort of condition that forces you to sit on your couch when getting through the work day, you could benefit from the CYBOT. Great for work or hardcore gaming, this desk is a lifesaver if you're anything like me. I know it's saved my back, at least as much as it could. Now, if only it could rehabilitate my knees, too. 

This review is based on a product provided by the manufacturer. You can purchase a Couchmaster CYBOT here

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Review for
Couchmaster CYBOT
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Comfortable and well-cushioned.
  • Supports larger laptops with plenty of surface area.
  • Side pockets on cushions for storage.
  • Lack of ways to adjust the desk with cushions, but that comes with the territory.
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