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Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass lets players battle from home

Now you can join in on Pokemon Go Raid Battles from the comfort of your own home, which is great news since we really can't leave.


We're all staying at home, all the time. That's how it is during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, Niantic understands this, and knows that it's really rough playing Pokemon Go when you're in your backyard or a short distance from home on a walk. There's just no getting to gyms or Poke Stops.

That's why you'll soon be able to, at the very least, join in on Raid Battles that pop up on the Nearby screen anywhere you happen to be at the moment. You need one Remote Raid Pass per raid, and you can only carry a few of them at a time. During that same battle, you can be joined by 20 trainers. Anything you complete with that pass will count toward your research tasks and achievement medals. This is all part of Niantic's most recent update

There will be a 1 PokeCoin bundle headed to the in-game shop that will offer Remote Raid Passes. After launching, the passes can be purchased for 100 PokeCoins apiece. That's all well and good for raids, but what about the rest of the game? Niantic thought about that too, and there will be additional daily Field Research tasks, buddy Pokemon bringing you gifts from nearby PokeStops, and even more options to power up your squad with Candies and Stardust.

You can now activate up to 200 of each item you have like Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs, and more at once. And updates coming in the future will include new Battle screens with additional information on moves that are effective or not as well as Pokemon types.

It's not such a bad time to be a Pokemon Go Trainer, as you can see. You just need to get creative, and it looks like Niantic is giving you the tools to do just that.

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