PlatinumGames is planning a fifth bonus announcement

Technically, this will be the fourth announcement from PlatinumGames since the most recent was a joke, but we can't wait to hear it.


PlatinumGames has something special up its sleeve. Yes, again. If you've been keeping track, the developer has slowly been pulling off a set of awesome reveals over the past few weeks. Now, there's a fifth one on the way.

The official Platinum4 teaser site has been updated once more with a fifth reveal planned for some time in the future. Platinum itself is calling it a "bonus stage," in referent to the fourth announcement on April fools' Day being a joke (it was April 1, after all).

So this will technically be the fourth reveal, following The Wonderful 101 remaster, the opening of a new studio in Tokyo, and Project GG, which is a superhero-focused action game from the mind of Hideki Kamiya. What could be coming next? That's anyone's guess, but no one is going to say no to another awesome game from

Unfortunately, according to Xbox's Phil Spencer, that "something" most likely isn't Scalebound.

So what is coming from the storied developer? There's only a whole host of things that it could be. We'll be waiting around here with bated breath to report whatever it is the company has up its sleeve. Be sure to leave comments below on exactly what your predictions are for the next surprise. We've got to have something to look forward to in these bleak times, after all. 

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