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Project Tempo is a cloud-based gaming platform in development by Amazon

Amazon is looking to enter the game streaming space alongside the likes of Google Stadia and Project xCloud with Project Tempo.


Amazon is making its own entry into the world of video game streaming by way of Project Tempo, according to a new report by way of The New York Times.

Project Tempo will follow in the vein of other current streaming platforms, with cloud gaming offering a more long-term goal. It's set to feature zero downloads, with the goal of bringing larger game experiences to individuals with lower-end tech. Thanks to the spread of the novel coronavirus, the public has yet to get their hands on the "early version" of Project Tempo, however, which was initially expected this year.

In an environment where Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud are aiming for superiority in a relatively uncharted field, Amazon is looking to provide competition of sorts to Stadia in addition to creating original video games like its upcoming science fiction shooter Crucible.

Crucible has been in development since 2014, by Amazon's Seattle-based Relentless Studios, going through multiple iterations to "focus on competitive online play and live-streaming on Twitch." It's a third-person shooter where players take on a variety of aliens with a litany of different weapons across an alien world, with planned Twitch integration to make it the "perfect" streaming game in many ways.

In May, Amazon's Santa Monica studio is looking to bring New World to life, created with the company's Lumberyard game engine. It's a fantasy MMORPG set in an "alternate 17th century," and it sounds like it might be an interesting take on the same old staid genre.

While both Crucible and New World will be available on typical systems, they'll eventually be part of Project Tempo as well. Unfortunately, we may be left waiting a bit longer to get our hands on the tech for the first time thanks to the global pandemic we're currently experiencing. However, the idea that Amazon is looking to compete with Google in terms of game streaming is an interesting idea to ponder in the meantime.

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