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Kick butt and chew gum when Ninjala releases on Switch this May

GungHo Online is out to kick butt and chew gum when NInjala brings intense 8 player ninja action to the NIntendo Switch later this year.


Action battle meets ninjas and... bubblegum? The mix might sound like a weird one, but GungHo is ready to give it a whirl when Ninjala hits the Nintendo Switch later this year. Set to arrive sometime in May, Ninjala will feature competitive action gameplay that features an art style very similar to games like Splatoon 2 and even Arms.

According to the official page:

“An online action battle game featuring ninja and gum! Assume the role of a modern-day ninja and take part in the Ninjala tournament!”

The page continues, stating:

“Take part in Battle Royale-style matches of up to 8 players and vie for supremacy with ninja around the world. The player who earns the most points over the course of the match will be declared the winner. Score points by defeating your opponents, obtaining items, destroying drones positioned across the stage, and more. Earn extra points by taking down your opponents with an IPPON—impressive finishing techniques.”

Alongside this battle royale-style mode, players can also take part in cooperative play, where they team up with others in 4 on 4 matches. Work with your teammates and earn more points than your opponents as you chew gum, blow bubbles to move faster, and even run up walls like a real ninja. You can even customize your own avatar, allowing you to set yourself apart from the rest of the ninjas out there.

Ninjala is currently targeting a May 2020 release date, though Nintendo and GungHo have yet to release an actual date just yet. Brittany Vincent checked out the game in her hands-on preview back in 2018, and while the game has been delayed a bit since it’s original release window, we’re excited to see what Ninjala does when it releases this summer.

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