Animal Crossing: New Horizons players threw a friend a birthday party

This kind Animal Crossing: New Horizons gesture is what we should all strive to do more of, especially during these trying times where we're all practicing social distancing.


What do you do for a lonely kid who can't have a birthday party when the coronavirus is still rampaging through the world?

You round up some friends and invite them into Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a birthday party instead! That's what PlayStation London producer Alexia Christofi pulled together for her 9-year-old daughter Sophia.

When Sophia was down and out because she couldn't have a party thanks to the social distancing measures in place so as not to continue the spread of Covid-19, Christofi took it upon herself to gather her friends in Animal Crossing to make things feel as festive as possible.

Sophia was all smiles when it all went down, as captured via video. It may be the cutest thing ever. Be forewarned. I'm not crying, you're crying, etc. 

There wasn't just a gathering, though. Sophia had fun gifts, decorations, confetti poppers, and even hide and seek to look forward to. That also meant more fruit to add to her island, which is, well, relatable.

If you needed a pick-me-up during these frustrating days, let this definitely act as one. There's still awesomeness going around. Pass it on!

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