Cheat Code locations - Doom Eternal

Learn the locations of all 14 Cheat Code discs in Doom Eternal's singleplayer campaign.


Doom Eternal has quite a collection of goodies for players to find and collect. Unlike Doom 2016, which allowed you to enter Cheat Codes via the console, players will need to find floppy disk collectibles hidden around the various levels to unlock Cheat Codes in Doom Eternal. There is a total of 14 Cheat Codes to find, and we’ve outlined their locations below.

Cheat Code locations - Doom Eternal

To help make finding Cheat Codes easier, we’ve broken down all 14 individually. Below you’ll find the name of the Cheat Code, what it does, and what mission you can unlock it in. We’ll also provide additional instructions on how to acquire each floppy disk. To help make things easy, we’ll use the following format for all entries: Cheat Code name – Mission Name. We’ll also provide the codes in chronological order of how you find them.

Infinite Lives – Hell on Earth

Doom Eternal cheat locations

You can unlock this particular Cheat Code during the first mission of the game. Continue through until you exit out of a subway train with a Codex entry at the end. Continue through until you reach a room with 3 zombies, a soldier, and an explosive barrel. Kill the enemies and continue forward. You should see a crate to the right that you can jump on top of to reach a cracked vent. Punch through the vent and continue through the area to find the secret at the end.

All Runes – Fortress of Doom

All runes cheat - doom eternal

There are two Cheat Codes you can acquire in the Fortress of Doom. However, only one is available near the start of the game. After acquiring two Sentinel Batteries (and unlock the Dash), make your way to the front of the ship and out to the tower where you can unlock the Original Praetor Suit skin. Unlock the area and then drop out of the window of the room. Immediately turn around dash into the opening near the bottom to acquire this secret. A portal should open that allows you to return to the top.

IDDQD – Cultist Base

cheat code locations - doom eternal

After unlocking the Super Shotgun, head into the room with the eight pillars that you have to break to open. After opening them all, the exit will unlock. Head to the center of the room and use the poles on the side of the center column to jump up. Immediately turn around and dash into the opening in the center of the pillar to acquire this secret Cheat Code.

Silver Bullet Mode – Doom Hunter Base

Silver Bullet cheat - Doom Eternal

After opening the coffin, use the climbable wall to move up. Before jumping across the gap, though, continue climbing to the very top to find this secret hidden at the very top. You can also drop down through the hole to find a Praetor Suit Token.

Infinite Ammo – Super Gore Nest

Infinite ammo cheat- doom eternal

The next Cheat Code can be found during the Super Gore Nest mission. Make your way through the level until you acquire the Yellow Key. After this, continue through to the next large fight and then look for a cracked wall on the left-hand side of the big platform in this area. Jump over to the wall and dash through it to break it, gaining access to this secret beyond.

IDKFA – Arc Complex

IDKFA cheat - doom eternal

After reaching the third building in this mission, look for this Cheat Code in a hole just in front of where you jump down. It pretty hard to miss it.

Fully Upgraded Suit – Fortress of Doom

Fully Upgraded Suit cheat - Doom Eternal

After you return to the Fortress of Doom with the new powersource, make your way to the center of the Fortress to where the Demon Crucible is powering the ship. Look to the right and look up for a window with a red dot on it. Shoot the dot to activate a boost nearby that will shoot up you into a vent. Drop down from the vent into a secret area above the Crucible to acquire this Cheat Code.

Powerup Mode: Onslaught – Mars Core

While exploring the Mars Core mission, wait until you reach a massive room with loads of Tentacles to kill. Take out the enemies within and then head into the room on the right to find this Cheat Code secret hovering right in plain sight.

Powerup Mode: Overdrive – Taras Nabad

After the second area you need to swim through, continue into the next fight area. Turn left immediately and break the wall to gain access to an area with a Secret Encounter. This Cheat Code can be found directly left of the starting point of the Secret Encounter.

Famine Mode – Nekravol

After moving through the second set of crushers, look for a hole in the side of the room where the cages of souls move upwards. Drop into the hole and you’ll find the area that holds this Cheat Code.

Party Mode – Nekravol Part 2

In the second portion of Nekravol, continue through until you reach a massive tunnel that you need to jump into after the third combat encounter. Don’t jump into the tunnel just yet, though. Instead, jump to the platform across the way and then look down into the corner on the right-hand side of the room to spot a cracked wall that you can break through. This Cheat Code can be found behind the breakable wall.

Berserk – Urdak

After you realign the second ring, look for a breakable wall to the left of the platform that you need to jump back to. You can break the wall to find this secret inside.

We’re still working on finding all of the Cheat Codes, but we’ll update this article with additional codes as we find them. For more help, make sure you also check out our Doom strategy guide for even more helpful information.


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