How to play Battlemode - Doom Eternal

Everything you need to know to jump into Battlemode and get started.


If you love Doom Eternal, but want to try your hands against the skills of other players, then Battlemode is the answer. As the only multiplayer mode available in Doom Eternal, Battlemode puts players in control of the Doom Slayer or one of two Demons as they fight to the death. It’s a frantic and brutal game mode with quite a few complexities you’ll want to master. Thankfully, we’ve spent some time with the mode and have a few handy tips to share.

How to play Battlemode - Doom Eternal

Battlemode is honestly very similar to the main gameplay in Doom Eternal if you’re playing as the Slayer. You’ll have access to all of your usual arsenal and will want to take down the two player demons you’re facing off against. Because Battlemode includes two types of characters, we’re going to break down this guide based on which character you’re playing.

Battlemode tips for Doom Slayer
The Doom Slayer utilizes the same weapons and abilities from Doom Eternal's singleplayer.

Battlemode tips for Doom Slayers

Those playing as Doom Slayers will want to follow some simple rules when playing Battlemode.

  • First, never let the two player demons gang up on you. Try to separate them and contain their attacks.
  • Don’t let minions gather too much. Because player demons can spawn other demons, you’ll want to switch focus to these minions when you see them.
  • Use smaller minions to replenish ammo and health with Glory Kills and the Chainsaw.
  • Don’t focus all your attention on one demon. You’ll need to kill both in order to win the round, so try to move between the two player demons and whittle down their health pools as closely as possible.
  • If you don’t want to switch focus, make sure you save heavy artillery for the second demon, as you only have twenty seconds after killing the first one to kill the second and win the round.
  • As always, keep the Doom Slayer moving constantly. Movement is your greatest strength and any time you stop moving you give the enemy an opening to attack you.
Battlemode tips for demons - Doom Eternal
Demons offer a bit more variation than the Slayer, but require more work to master in Battlemode.

Battlemode tips for demons

If you’re playing as one of the man demons in Battlemode, then you’re going to want to focus on working with your cohort.

  • It’s important to work together. Coordinate summons and talk to your ally. Focus your shared efforts on the Doom Slayer and be unforgiving.
  • Numbers are your greatest ally against the Doom Slayer’s arsenal. Use your minion summons to distract and slow the Slayer down.
  • Be unrelenting. It’s important to stay on top of the Slayer as much as possible to keep them from being able to grab any ammo or supplies around the arena.
  • You can block ammo and drops in areas using the push of a button, so try to utilize this function anytime you can. Limiting the Slayer’s ammo will make it harder for them to defeat you.
  • Stay alive. If you’re the last demon standing, you’ll need to survive the Slayer’s onslaught for twenty seconds waiting on your ally to respawn. If you can survive, the round will continue, giving you another chance to take the Slayer down.
  • Use your abilities. Each demon has special abilities and attacks that make them unique. Utilize each ability and be sure to make the most of each attack against the Slayer.

When it comes down to it, Battlemode is an extreme test of skill. You’ll be going against some of the best Slayers and demons out there, so make sure you’re ready and utilize the tips that we’ve listed above. For more help, make sure you check out our handy Doom Eternal strategy guide.

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