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Chilling Blair Witch is headed to Switch this summer

Bloober Team's Blair Witch will be touching down on Switch later this summer, announced earlier today during the Indie World presentation.


Bloober Team is bringing its survival horror FPS Blair Witch to Nintendo Switch, as we all learned during todays' Nintendo Indie World Presentation.

Developer Bloober Team confirmed it would be making an appearance on the system, having originally launched on PC and elsewhere in 2019. Now, the Switch version is headed to the system in summer 2020. That's not too long of a wait, fortunately.

This Blair Witch adventure has little to do with the original movie, but it does have its fair share of jump scares if that's what you're into.

I reviewed Blair Witch on PC and gave it a 4 out of 10. Here's what I thought of it:

"It feels like Blair Witch began as a different project entirely, one completely unconnected to the mythos. It's as if Bloober Team quickly inserted the name Burkittsville for the village and quickly seeded some lore throughout the game as plan B. It could have originally been some sort of bizarre sequel to Spec-Ops: The Line (or something) and Bloober Team decided "Oops! We can only make horror games," then turned it into the final product here. With that said, it's a mostly functional game (despite the aforementioned bugs) and it might be interesting for a quick weekend play since it's available essentially for free with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, but I wouldn't recommend it as a full-price purchase."

Keep an eye out for additional details on the Switch version of the game, and we'll keep you posted for when any official release dates drop. 

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