Manji Command Case for Switch review - Absolutely strapping

Manji has finally released its all-in-one Nintendo Switch case. But is the Command Case worth picking up? Our review.


One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is the consoles overall portability. Unfortunately, this portability comes at a price, and if you happen to drop your Switch, you’re probably going to end up shedding a few tears. That’s where cases like the Manji Command Case come in handy. Built for rugged protection, the Command Case envelopes your Switch in a nice protective surrounding that gives you a nice layer of security without weighing you down.

Three parts make a whole

As someone who has spent a lot of time playing their Switch in handheld mode, the Manji Command Case really jumped out to me because it offers a lot of function in a small package. The case is technically broken down into three distinct parts, all of which are available separately.

The Command Cons are available for $14.99, giving you a bit of extra protection for your Joy-Cons. This allows you to install the Switch in the dock, making it a easy to come and go from your home setup while adding a small amount of security for your controllers. Unfortunately, the Command Cons don’t offer any protection for the actual Switch itself.

If you want just a bit more, though, you can pick up the Command Shell, the second piece of the puzzle, for $19.99. The Command Shell includes the Command Cons, as well as the protective case for the actual Switch itself. It won’t fit in the dock when the main portion of the shell is attached, but it does give you a sturdier kickstand, as well as some actual protection for the main part of the console.

If you want to go all out, though, the Command Case is the best of the three options. It weighs in at $46.99, but includes the Command Shell, the Command Cons, and the actual carry case itself. The case is great because you can just snap the Switch into the carry case and go. The case also offers space for four game cartridges to snap in, as well as a 90-degree USB C cable to charge the Switch with. If you prefer to take your entire setup with you, then the case also includes room for the charging brick that comes with the Switch by default. All of this is possible thanks to a large storage space with a magnetically secured flap.

Alone, these three parts are good options for some added protection on your Switch. But, if you really want to get the most out of Manji’s offerings, then the Command Case is the way to go.

Standing out above the rest

At first glance, the Manji Command Case might not look like much. The case itself is available in three color options – Frost, Gray, and Yellow. Each option changes up the basic color of the carrying case and the straps. For the purpose of our review, we were provided with one of the gray Command Cases, and honestly, it’s probably my favorite of the three.

The overall design of the Manji Command Case is fairly rugged looking. I was given a chance to check out one of the prototypes several months ago, and while it had some issues like the Joy-Con protectors not fitting perfectly, the final version of the case seems to have fixed those issues. Everything snaps together seamlessly and fits perfectly, giving the Switch a nice smooth and yet somehow rugged appearance when it is situated in the case.

If you’re planning on carrying the Command Case out in public, then be aware that it does not blend in well. The case offers a very distinct look that is hard to ignore, so if you want your console to blend in, then this isn’t the case for you.

The case is highlighted by the magnetic storage flap on the back. This offers plenty of storage room, and the magnets work well to keep everything inside from falling out. My only issue with the case, overall is that the back flap can feel a little unsecure around the corners. This could be mitigated by adding a couple of additional magnets to the side, but it works well as is.

What makes me special?

When it comes to cases, finding something that works for you is what’s most important. There are a number of things to take into account. First, you want something that’s going to protect your Nintendo Switch as much as possible. According to the creators, the Command Case and Command Shell offer drop protection for your Switch. Based on some minor tests I carried out, it looks like the case offers a good amount of protection – though I wouldn’t recommend dropping your Switch from too high up, as no case is built to withstand a drop from too far up.

The straps are probably my favorite part about the Command Case, though. Not only does the strap offer an easy way to carry the case, but the straps situated on the back of the Command Cons make for a great way to anchor the Switch to your hand. This makes playing the Switch when laying down much easier, as you don’t have to worry about the console plopping down on your face – something I’ve definitely never had happen while laying in bed playing Breath of the Wild.

Manji’s Command Case is a great option for those looking for extra protection, functionality, and overall portability in their Switch case. The product isn’t overly expensive, so it won’t break the bank either. If you’re looking to encase your Switch in something that offers more than a traditional case, I’d recommend checking out the Manji Command Case, or even looking into the other options that are available from the company.

This review is based on a review unit provided by the manufacturer. The Manji Command Case was crowdfunded and is currently available to purchase from the Manji website.

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Manji Command Case
  • Straps help secure the Switch in your hands
  • Plenty of storage capability
  • Small drop protection
  • Rugged but stylish design
  • Storage flap bends in around the corners, feels unsecure
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