Wired Productions Hands-On Preview at PAX East 2020

See what Wired brought to PAX.


Wired Productions usually has some interesting games at PAX. They were the company that brought Shaq Fu back from the dead. Anyway, this PAX East was no different as they had a wide range of games for show-goers to get their hands on.

Deliver Us The Moon

If you ever wanted to take a trip to the moon, then Wired has you covered with Deliver Us The Moon. This game is a science fiction puzzle solver that has you playing the role of an astronaut. The natural resources of the Earth are running out in this timeline and a voyage to the moon is the only answer. You’ll need to use every bit of of knowledge you gained through exploration to solve some of these puzzles, like the weightlessness of space.

The game puts you in the head of a real astronaut, complete with getting into your spacesuit. It feels like an old point-and-click adventure game as you can interact with almost everything you come in contact with. You’ll want to check out everything, as you never know what’s going to be important to your quest. During the demo, I found the launch protocol but I didn’t know how to use it. If I read the launch protocol carefully, I would have known that were certain things you needed to do quickly during the launch sequence. The vastness of the locations made me think something was going to jump out at me but there was nothing there. The darkness associated with space can make things uncomfortable as well as exciting. I think I finally know what it feels like to be an astronaut and it scares me.

The Falconeer

The Falconeer, on the other hand, puts you in the bird-eye seat as you fly on the back of a large falcon over the vast Ursee. You’ll be able to customize your character as well as your falcon companion. The Falcon flies similar to how you flew your Loftwing in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. You’ll be able to dive down to gain speed and perform barrel rolls while flying. The Falconeer isn’t just about flying; it’s about air combat as well. You’ll come across different enemy factions during your adventure. It will be up to you to take them down, with the help of a little firepower;the firepower being different elemental attacks. There will be all kinds of enemy attackers that range from other falconeers to weavers and airships. You’ll have to use all your air fighting skills to prevail.

You’ll be able to land at a nearby town and prepare for long flights and missions. You can purchase upgrades for your weapons as well as your bird. However not all the items you can buy are helpful. What I mean by this is that some items can have a positive effect in the short run but long-term could be a negative; the negative being bird mutation for example.

Air combat is reminiscent of Star Fox 64 as you have a crosshair for aiming as well as being able to perform barrel rolls. However, take drift into account when firing, as your shots will not travel in a straight line since you’re not moving in a straight line. You’ll be able to use the map to make sure you’re going the right direction and towards the enemy flock. Learn the basics of flight quickly or you won’t get anywhere.

Wired Productions is going to have you travel to all portions of the world; from flying on birds to the moon. Strategy games are alive and well with Wired.

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