Audeze hands-on preview at PAX East 2020

Hear what Audeze Audio brought to PAX.


Audeze Audio wants to make a splash in the gaming headset realm and with what they were showing at the Penny Arcade Expo; they look well on their way to doing just that.

Audeze Audio was showcasing three headsets on the show-floor in Boston. The Audeze Mobius, the LCD-1, and the LCD-GX headsets feel like some of the better models available. Audeze uses an interesting setup in their headsets that allows for the use of planar magnetic drivers.This in turn allows the magnets to vibrate the diaphram, creating a better sound. 

The look and feel of the three models shown makes them some of the better headsets out there. It helped that the booth has the same taste in music as I do since I was able to test the LCD-GX listening to Black Sabbath. The GX made the convention floor noise nonexistent and allowed for the loud bass and guitar riffs to be front and center. It was also very lightweight and had a flexible mic attached so it’s easy to move out of the way if you need to move it. The earpads were made of vinyl and very comfortable. I know I've owned headsets with strong clamping force, but the LCD-GX didn’t have this problem as it felt like it was designed just for my ears.

The Mobius headset has the same comfort level as the cones are made of vinyl and cut out the outside sounds. The difference comes when you game with it; the Mobius has head/motion tracking technology built right into it. You calibrate it to start and you’ll be able to accurately track where sounds are coming from in-game. That could range from footsteps coming from your right side to gunshots coming from the left. It could be the difference you need in battle to achieve victory.

From what I witnessed first-hand at Pax, Audeze Audio might have created the perfect headset. Being able to cut out the outside noise is key and shutting out noise from a whole convention floor is a great test. They’re also very lightweight and comfortable too.

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