Danger Scavenger hands-on preview at PAX East 2020

Check out our hands-on preview of Danger Scavenger.


Shooting games always do well at the Penny Arcade Expo and Danger Scavenger is no different. You take the role of the “outcast” who is fed up with the way the world is. You’ll have to search each skyscraper for various loot but be careful, as the locations have taken security measures. These range from lasers to high-powered enemies so be on guard.

The game is a rouge-like, top-down shooter where every playthrough is different. You’ll be able to select the type of weaponry you’ll encounter in the skyscraper. Your path could be simple but choose wrong, and it could be very difficult. The tougher the path, the better the rewards you’ll encounter during your journey. Collect currency and spend it in the shops on the different levels of the skyscraper. The items can stack when you have multiple of the same item. For example, you can have two saw-blades or drones that will attack the enemy.

 You’ll be able to see how tough the path could be when you pick it before you start. The tougher paths could have super-powered enemies, similar to mini-boss fights, along the way. You’ll have to collect different weapons along the way so you’ll be able to fight the different enemies. There’re item chests strewn about the different floors of the skyscrapers, which will have different items and weapons at your disposal.

There were two scavengers to select from but there will be four in the full version of the game. Each scavenger has different abilities that range from rapid fire to stealth movements. The ninja-like scavenger had a sword to attack enemies and that was one of the easier weapons to use. It was one of the better weapons because you didn’t have to aim really at all; you walked up to the enemies and hacked away at them. The ninja also had a stealth-like attack that made him invisible to enemies for a certain time.

The control scheme for Danger Scavenger is easy to pick up right away. You’ll have to master the dodge ability quickly as there will be a lot of enemies on certain levels of the skyscraper. If you don’t know how to protect yourself, it’s going to be a tough playthrough.

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