Disco Elysium devs react to winning big at the DICE 2020 Awards

When it came to the DICE 2020 Awards, the team at ZA/UM took home a prestigious honor for Disco Elysium itself.


Disco Elysium won big at the DICE 2020 Awards, and Shacknews was there to chat with the team at ZA/UM about their latest accomplishment.

The team bagged the Outstanding Achievement in Storytelling award for their exceptional work on Disco Elysium, and we spoke with them at length about the hard work that went into bringing the game to life - and how many iterations it went through before the writing and the rest of its various aspects were perfected ahead of launch. Protip: If you've ever played Disco Elysium, you'll have an idea of just how much work it took to bring all the dialogue and branching story choices to life. There's a lot of it. 

"It took five years to make, and that five years was mostly just writing it over and over," one member of the team shared. It certainly seems as though all of that time paid off, especially since the game has now taken home the prestigious DICE 2020 award. 

"I think it was Christmas 2017 that we were saying we'd have the final version of the game ready for Christmas vacation," another dev joked during our interview about the lengthy creation time it took to bring the game to life. 

If you've yet to try out Disco Elysium, be sure to refer to our own Sam Chandler's review. He awarded the game a 9 out of 10. Here's what he had to say about it:

"It’s not very often that a game of this calibre comes along. Disco Elysium is mad with psychedelic energy, unabashedly dramatic, and dangerously well-written. I wish, like the detective, I could forget all about Disco Elysium, if only to experience it again as if for the first time. It’s truly one of the greatest RPGs ever released."

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