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Clara Reeves on how Crossy Road Castle remains true to the franchise

Shacknews caught up with Hipster Whale CEO Clara Reeves to talk about Crossy Road Castle and how the new entry remains true to the franchise's roots.


Originally released in 2014, Crossy Road took the idea of a chicken crossing the road and turned it into a fun, frantic, and highly acclaimed game. Now, almost six years later, Hipster Whale is making a return to the colorful franchise with Crossy Road Castle, a new experience in the series that introduces additional mechanics, characters, and yet still remains true to the franchise’s roots. We caught up with the CEO of Hipster Whale, Clara Reeves, to talk about Crossy Road Castle, what the new game means for the series, and more.

According to Reeves, Crossy Road Castle is still just as much Crossy Road as it is a new game in the series. Unlike the first entry, players won’t be making their way across a road. Instead, Crossy Road Castle focuses on a never-ending castle full of puzzle rooms. Players can tackle these challenges alongside a friend or do it alone as the game offers a complete multiplayer experience.

How you play the game will change, too, based on if you’re playing alone or with others, Reeves advised us. This really helps to make the game feel unique when you’re teaming up with others, which Reeves says is the ideal way to play the game.

Available exclusively on Apple Arcade, Crossy Road Castle is splendid and everything that players could want from a sequel. While things may look a bit different than previous iterations in the series, Crossy Road Castle is still just as true to the franchise’s roots as the original game itself. It’s still Crossy Road, and that’s something we can easily get behind. You can check out the full interview above. It’s nearly ten minutes long, so grab a drink and sit back.

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