Headup Games Hands-On Preview at PAX East 2020

Heads up for Headup Games!


During this year’s Penny Arcade Expo, I stopped by the Headup Games booth to see what they brought to Boston with them. I was there for three games, Colt Canyon, Pumpkin Jack, and Rigid Force Redux. Headup was covering a lot of bases here with the Wild West, a demonic wasteland, and space in their booth.

Colt Canyon

First up was Colt Canyon, a game that allows you to play the cowboy, trying to be the hero of the story. You get to be said hero by shooting and/or killing everything that moves because if it moves, it might come after you. There are plenty of weapons to use during your Wild West adventure and range from shotguns to throwing a tomahawk. Throwing a weapon is awesome, but you have to retrieve it so be careful when you use it. The maps are random every playthrough.If you're fond of the map you’re on,don't get killed. It was a little tough to aim since it uses dual control sticks for movement/aiming but once you get the hang of that, you’ll be a desperado in no time. Action can come quickly and out of nowhere so be on guard.

Pumpkin Jack

It was Halloween in February at the convention center with Pumpkin Jack. Pumpkin Jack is a cool 3D adventure game where platforming is key. During gameplay you’ll find cauldrons that act similarly to Dark Souls bonfires where you get a checkpoint and can restore your HP. You'll unlock new abilities and weapons as you play, including things like bats, shovels, and other handy items.

The controls in Pumpkin Jack felt similar to the Legend of Zelda. The way your character moves borrows from the Nintendo series, as they both can roll to avoid enemies. Usually in games like this, common sense gets thrown out the window but not here; Pumpkin Jack hits a lantern, gets hurt, and then is told fire is bad! Another way Pumpkin Jack is through the different puzzles you'll encounter. During some sequences you'll play as Jack's head, solving different problems and simple puzzles as you explore the world.

Rigid Force Redux

Lastly Headup allowed me to play Rigid Force Redux on the Switch. This game is basically a typical space shooter where you can collect power ups to better your arsenal while flying. It felt like an old-school arcade shooter with the relentless enemy attacks and nowhere to fly for protection. There was no reprieve during gameplay as the environment could hurt you as well. You’ll have to ability to shoot in both directions, which is key with enemy attacks coming from both directions.

Headup Games has a great lineup on the way. From bloody westerns to haunted pumpkin monsters, and all the way up to outer space. There’s something for everyone coming soon!

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