Death Stranding PC version hits Steam and Epic Games Store this June

Experience Death Stranding again on PC and with added content from Half-Life when it lands on the platform this June.


If you missed out on Death Stranding when it first debuted in late 2019 for PlayStation 4, now's your chance to try it out on PC.

Publisher 505 Games took to Twitter with a special Death Stranding announcement today, noting that the cinematic adventure would be headed to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store this June. It's not just a simple port you'll be able to dig into, either. It's getting a series of new features, like a photo mode, higher frame rate and ultra-wide monitor support, and a selection of fun content from Valve's Half-Life series.

There's also a new trailer to go with it all that you can check out in preparation for the upcoming PC version. The Half-Life content isn't new gameplay segments or anything like that, but some pretty sweet cosmetics. You can slap a headcrab on Sam's head, use Alyx Vance's gloves, Gordon Freeman's glasses, and even the valve from Valve's logo, which goes on the back of Sam's head. It's all very, very cool. 

For a game that's been practically begging for a photo mode, the fact that Death Stranding is finally getting one is great, too. There appear to be plenty of ways to customize your shots, and it should let you take advantage of the gorgeous scenery around Sam at all times.

If you can't wait to finally take the plunge, you can snag the game on June 2. There are a few preorder bonuses to keep in mind as well, such as a special Steelbook and in-game cosmetic items. But it still looks like we aren't getting that Higgs preorder Steelbook, so you'll have to eBay that if you want it badly enough. 

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