Should you buy the Breath of the Wild DLC?

Trying to figure out if you should buy the Breath of the Wild DLC? Here's what we think.


While The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of the first titles available for the Nintendo Switch, the game still has plenty of great content for players to dive into. If you’ve completed the base game, or if you’re just planning on picking it up for your Nintendo Switch soon, you’re probably going to have a few questions. One that we’ve seen a lot is ‘should I buy the Breath of the Wild DLC?’. The answer is, of course, you should. Here’s why.

Should I buy the Breath of the Wild DLC?

While there are tons of hours of gameplay in the base version of Breath of the Wild, the Expansion Pass adds even more content for you to take on. Coming in at a cost of $19.99, the Expansion Pass gives players access to two DLC packs. The first pack, The Master Trials, adds a series of new trials for players to take on, as well as Master Mode and Hero’s Path Mode. These two new difficulties make for an even more challenging experience in BoTW. You’ll also find new armor and the new Travel Medallion available here.

Should you buy BoTW DLC?
The BoTW expansion pass includes two DLC packs.

The second DLC pack, The Champion’s Ballad adds nine new sets of armors, as well as new locations shrines and other items to hunt down. It’s a ton of content for a low price, and if you’re wanting more BoTW in your life, then the DLC is the perfect way to go about getting it.

Honestly, deciding whether or not you want to buy the Breath of the Wild DLC is all about deciding if you want to experience all there is to offer in BoTW. If you’re fine with just experiencing the content in the base game, then save yourself the $20. But, if like us, you want all of the BoTW content you can have, pick up the Expansion Pass and start working your way through the DLC. For more help, make sure you check out our Breath of the Wild guide for even more information.

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