XFL using Xbox One controller in instant replay booth

Everyone's second favorite football league is back and they brought an Xbox One controller.


The XFL is back after many years since their last attempt at a minor league for football, and they have brought a bunch of innovations. The league has been pretty transparent with things like officiating and instant reply, so fans got a chance to see inside the booth, and they are using an Xbox One controller to run things? Like I said, this league is truly innovating here.

That's confirmation from the XFL, but fans seem to be all in on this new era of football instant replay powered by Xbox controllers.

Replay Official Robert Lu is becoming an overnight sensation with his skills on the sticks. The XFL has really focused on giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at officiating and the overturning of calls on the field. This is an area where the NFL could learn a lot, as that league has made blunder after blunder when it comes to getting calls right.

The XFL is back and has a ton of other really interesting new rules. From kickoffs to the PAT, change has come to football in this latest XFL season. Check out this video breakdown of all of the new rules.

It sure is neat to have football to watch in February after the Super Bowl, and maybe some of these players will impress NFL scouts and get called up to the big league, but what we know for sure is that the XFL is totally here to stay this time. Moves like putting an Xbox One controller in the booth are the marks of a top notch sports league, and we look forward to other innovations making their way to the NFL someday. Maybe 2K Sports can make an XFL video game? Since Madden stinks these days anyway. The XFL is back, what a time to be alive.


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    Asif Khan posted a new article, XFL using Xbox One controller in instant replay booth

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      February 9, 2020 1:53 PM

      Probably using them for the same reason the military started using them. They are cheap, reliable, and people are familiar with using them.

      Not to mention Microsoft has spent millions of dollars improving and countless hours researching on how to further improve the controller.

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