Daymare: 1998 releases on Xbox One and PS4 this April

Get ready to experience survival horror on consoles later this spring, just in time for Resident Evil 3, right around the corner.


Can't get enough of the survival horror genre? Played everything it has to offer except the new Resident Evil 3 remake? You'll want to get your hands on Daymare: 1998.

This third-person survival horror adventure recreates the look and feel of classic horror games from the '90s in a clever manner that will transport you from the present back to a rainy night in your bedroom while playing PlayStation and being terrified of zombies.

Of course, Daymare: 1998 is about zombies, too. You'll explore a secret research facility, investigate the usage of a deadly chemical weapon, and meet up with a security team chosen to investigate an "incident." It's totally not Umbrella.

The game was initially launched on Steam for PC back in September 2019. Its port, however, has taken a considerable amount of time to complete, and will be distributed with a physical release for the PlayStation 4 version. The developer states that it was ported with "the best quality possible, not sacrificing anything from the original PC version."

Sound exciting to you? Can't wait to get your hands on another new survival horror game? Be on the lookout for Daymare: 1998 when it comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 28. 

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