Please take a look at the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl ad

A classic Nintendo Switch commercial aired following the Super Bowl, but did you stick around long enough to see it?


If you watched the Super Bowl looking out for all the new commercials to grace your screen during the game, you should have made it a point to wait around for Nintendo's Switch commercial.

The Nintendo Switch Super Bowl commercial that hit the airwaves happened at the end of the game, as the official Nintendo of America Twitter account noted. While the actual video is an older one, from November 2019, Nintendo went ahead and aired it during the biggest sporting event of the year, which was definitely smart on Nintendo's part – all eyes were on the Switch, at least for a few shining moments.

As far as the contents of the ad, it features a doting father spending some time with his daughter playing games like The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and Luigi's Mansion 3. It's really a touching little clip, especially if you're someone with parents you game with (or kids). It does a great job of showcasing the power the Switch has of bringing people together. 

It's a bid odd that Nintendo didn't decide to put together a new commercial for the Super Bowl, of course, but it's always cool to see video games represented in any form during events like this. Wonder if next year we'll get a brand new clip to celebrate the togetherness of gaming and how close it can make us with our loved ones. 

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