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What is Microsoft Teams?

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams all in one place.


Initially released in 2017, Microsoft Teams is a Slack-like service that allows teams to work together in an online and collaborative environment. In this guide we’ll break down Microsoft Teams, talk about some of its more important functions, and just go over what you need to know about Microsoft’s business-centric service.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Built to offer the same services as previous applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to business collaboration. Featuring chat systems, the ability to hold video conferences right inside the application, and constant access to Office 365’s online systems, Microsoft Teams is an essential part of many businesses' core communication network.

Like Slack, Microsoft Teams offers a few different tiers of services for users, including a free option. The free option, while handy, does leave out some of the core features that businesses might find useful in Microsoft Teams, so if you’re planning on using it every day for your business, you might want to look into one of the business plans that Microsoft has to offer.

What is Microsoft Teams?
A brief overview of the different payment options for Microsoft Teams.

The free version will give you access to most of the basics, aside from any official Support or Administration options. You’ll also see the lack of some features like Exchange email hosting with custom email domain addresses, personal file storage on OneDrive, and additional Office 365 apps. However, you can gain access to most of this with the Officer 365 Business Premium, which is $12.50 per user each month. This will get you almost all access to the features covered on the product page, which is probably what many businesses will want to check for.

If you need to know more about Microsoft Teams, you can always check out the official website and sign up for one of the free plans. We’ll be sure to update this guide if the service changes in the future.

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