Platinum Games' Platinum4 teaser website has us guessing

Could this new teaser be related to the curious The Wonderful 101 reference by Hideki Kamiya on Twitter?


Platinum Games is teasing something new once more, and we're all putting on our detective hats to try and figure out what it is.

This time, it's a simple black-and-white teaser website from Platinum Games emblazoned with the number 4, entitled "Platinum4." On the website, there's a bit of text, which reads "#Platinum4 site is now open." As far as what that means, however, is open for interpretation.

The simplest explanation for this new teaser site would, of course, be the new The Wonderful 101 announcement director Hideki Kamiya tweeted on January 31.

The tweet originally showed Kamiya sitting by a computer with the time and date 1:01 on 10/1 and a Switch by him, which seemed to indicate a Switch port of The Wonderful 101. And it's highly possible this new teaser site could be for just that. But seeing that no one has made an official announcement just yet, we're still open to guesses here.

Honestly, at this point it could even point to some Bayonetta 3 news on the horizon, because lord knows it's been too long since we got any sort of real update on that. Whatever the website is teasing, when we have some sort of inkling as to what it may be, we'll be sure to share it with you. Although in all honesty, it's probably something, as we said, The Wonderful 101. 

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