Scuf Gaming shows off its expansive controller selection

Whether you want a cheetah print PlayStation 4 controller or a pink Xbox One option, there's something out there for you from Scuf.


We at Shacknews can't resist a good controller, especially when it comes in a variety of different colors and models.

So when we sat down with Jonas Ferry, product marketing manager at the company, we were pleased to see such a wide selection of products. Ferry showed off some of the controllers we can look forward to trying throughout 2020.

Ferry took us through the full lineup of Scuf controllers in the interview below, nothing that there are "millions" of designs you can check out on the website to customize your own personal experience.

Some of the controllers included the Scuf Infinity 4 PS Pro, which looks the most similar to the regular DualShock 4 controller, as well as the Scuf Prestige. It's the entry-level controller Xbox One controller like what Microsoft offers. There's also the Scuf Elite, the customized version of Xbox elite controller with additional features from Scuf.

There's plenty of different controllers you can opt for if you're interested in trying something a little flashier than your typical gaming peripheral. You can expect all of these controllers to be available as part of the Scuf 2020 lineup, too.

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