Unboxing & Review: Zombie Army 4: Dead War Collector's Edition

Greg opens up the Zombie Army 4: Dead War Collector's Edition to see exactly what this bloody bundle includes.


Set to release on February 4, 2020, Zombie Army 4: Dead War looks to be another killer entry in the Zombie Army series. Over here at Shacknews, we recently got our hands on the Zombie Army 4: Dead War Collector’s Edition to see exactly what this premiere version of the game includes.

Diving right in, the artwork on the box as you lift it apart is absolutely stunning. The bright reds blend fantastically with the dark blacks, giving the entire package this really robust look. It’s a great looking display piece, and one that fans of the Zombie Army series will no doubt be happy to include on their collector shelves for years to come.

As you dive deeper into the contents of the Collector’s Edition, you’ll find a 60-page book of artwork from the game, including quite a few pieces of concept art and more. It’s the perfect way to see the designer’s original vision for things, and just overall a nifty little book to show off to your friends. For such a small book, the amount of artwork on display is astronomical.

The Collector’s Edition includes a digital code for the official soundtrack, as well as a code for a character pack DLC, the Undead Airman. The package also contains a Steelbook case for whatever platform of the game you chose when ordering it, and it looks fantastic. The color scheme continues on the steelbook, and overall, it’s just a solid addition to the good available here.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War collector's edition
Zombie Army 4: Dead War collector's edition

Finally, though, we come to the showpiece of this entire collection, a 10” zombie shark figurine. The box that the figurine comes in sports some fantastic 70s-themed designs, and the font, color-scheme, and overall design really give off Jaws vibes. If you were expecting something huge, you’ll be disappointed. The smaller size really allowed the creators to add a ton of detail. The detail is absolutely astounding for a Collector’s Edition in the $100 price range, and honestly, you’ll probably be hard-pressed to find anything with this much attention to detail.

You can pre-order Zombie Army 4: Dead War over on the official website, or head over to Shacknews on YouTube for more unboxings, reviews, and other video content.

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