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StreamElements Partners with Wizards of the Coast for new SE.CAP Platform

Streamers can use the new platform to earn challenges and work with influencers in new and exciting ways.


StreamElements is working alongside Wizards of the Coast for a new creator activation platform.

It's called SE.CAP, and it's meant for brands looking for assistance to grow, manage, and scale influencer programs. For instance, it helps brands offer sponsorship programs to streamers and VOD content creators on major platforms as well as help deploy additional influencer campaigns.

According to a new StreamElements blog unveiling the new product, the SE.CAP program can do the following:

  • Import and invite content creators from a pre-existing contact list to participate
  • Discover and field individual applications from new creators
  • Organize creators based on a wide variety of parameters, such as if they play a specific game, their geolocation, the size of their channel based on viewership metrics, and other metadata
  • Send mass messaging and program invitations to opted-in groups
  • View real-time reporting metrics and make adjustments as needed
  • Enter and issue challenges to designated groups
  • Develop an unlimited number of challenges based on several categories, including submissions of screenshots and video URLs, streaming a particular game for a specific period of time, and channel raids
  • Automate rewards — such as potential revenue, early access to new content, in-game items, etc. — to be deployed the moment a challenge is completed
  • Upload game codes for rewards while tracking and maintaining the game code inventory
  • Deploy and verify the use of custom branded assets, such as themes, overlays, alerts, panels, polls, extensions, and chat integrations
  • Determine between a self-service model or have StreamElements provide full-service executions

Wizards of the Coast will be using SE.CAP to launch its new Magic: The Gathering Creator Program, which will include "streamer-directed challenges" to help create engaging content and reward creators for doing so in the process.

If you're a streamer housed in North America or Europe, you can apply to be part of the open beta, which will allow selected members to earn community codes for taking part in challenges, like streaming Magic The Gathering: Arena for 5 days or streaming the game for at least four hours.

You can find additional details here if you're interested in participating.

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