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ChargePoint talks the importance of a connected fuel economy

Shacknews catches up with Darryll Harrison, Senior Director and Communications Leader at ChargePoint to talk about the company's growth, smartphone app, and the importance of a connected fuel economy.


ChargePoint has quickly become known as the operator of the largest online network of independently owned EV charging stations. With operations in 14 different countries, ChargePoint has worked hard to create a thriving and connected fuel economy that helps EV owners find charging points, and ensure they have open access to them. Shacknews CEO and EIC Asif Khan recently caught up with Darryll Harrison, the Senior Director and Communications Leader at ChargePoint to talk about the company’s charging stations, and how they ensure a connected experience with their app.

According to Harrison, one of the fundamental goals that the company had when expanding its network was to make sure it always offered a connected fuel economy. Basically, by using the ChargePoint app on their phones, EV owners can easily look up the locations of charging stations, ensure they aren’t currently being used, and even join a waiting list to use them if need be.

This interconnectivity branches across all of the ChargePoint chargers installed across the 14 different countries the company services. Overall, helping to make sure the entire experience is easy for any users to utilize. Honestly, this is one of the most significant things to keep in mind when owning an electric vehicle, as charging stations aren’t always as accessible as gas stations.

During the interview, Harrison and Asif also talk a bit about how the company has managed to stay just ahead of the ever-growing EV market, a feat that no doubt takes loads of determination and dedication. You can, of course, check out the full interview with Harrison above. Also, make sure you check out other videos and interviews like this by heading over to YouTube and subscribing to the official Shacknews channel. You can also subscribe to our sister channel, GamerHubTV for additional video content.

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