Coffee Talk is brewing for an end of January release

Sit down with a cup of Joe and get to know the patrons that come in to your coffee shop.


If you've ever thought about playing more quiet, low-intensity games that just let you live, you might want to keep an eye out for Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk is a visual novel that lets you spend time hanging out in a coffee shop that serves all kinds of clientele. You might meet elves or demons as you spend time there, but no one is racing to claw your eyes out.

Instead, you spend time in Coffee Talk getting to know everyone as you serve up delicious coffee confections as well as teas and other beverages. You need to figure out the best drink to make them as you chill out and talk together. It may not sound like the most action-packed game, but the isn't the point.

The point is to enjoy each other's company and operate a space where everyone can get together and spend time together. It isn't a difficult or challenging concept, but it certainly looks like a lot of fun.

You can expect to play Coffee Talk on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC on January 30. There's currently a demo online via Steam, if you're curious.

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