Interview: Frostpunk's technical limitations have held back mod support

Shacknews catches up with Frostpunk Lead Programmer Aleksander Kauch to talk about mods, synergy between mods and game mechanics, and why Frostpunk players shouldn't expect mod support anytime soon.


If you’re a fan of 11 Bit Studios apocalypse city builder, Frostpunk, then chances are you’ve spent a good deal of time with the game—or plan to in the future. If you’re hoping to see a slew of new mods coming out in the next few months, though, you’re probably going to find yourself somewhat disappointed to learn that mod support probably won’t be coming to Frostpunk anytime soon.

To learn more about the situation we caught up with Aleksander Kauch, the Lead Programmer on Frostpunk, to talk about the game and how the studio (or even if) plans to support mods in the future. According to Kauch, Frostpunk’s technical limitations make it a lot more difficult to offer mod support than it was to offer it with one of 11 Bit Studios previous games, This War of Mine.

Of course, Kauch wasn’t ready to write mod support off altogether. He even stated that it could come somewhere down the line. However, right now, the studio is going to continue focusing on what they have planned and what they’ve already released. During our interview with Kauch, we also spoke about the synergy that needs to come with mods and basic game mechanics, which he felt was something vitally important to the argument overall.

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