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Pokemon-like Temtem shows off its new starter monsters

Gear up for the monster-collecting adventure Temtem, which just dropped a new trailer giving us more details on its starters that you can choose from at the beginning of your adventure.


If you played through Pokemon Sword and Shield but found it a little underwhelming, developer Crema is working on something new you can sink your teeth into instead.

The MMORPG Temtem looks to capitalize on what everyone loves about Pokemon without, you know, actually making a Pokemon game. And there are a few new starters you can check out in the game that you can choose from when you kick things off, as demonstrated in the official reveal clip below.

The three starter Temtem include Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic. Crystle are cute monsters with Electrical and Mental stats, and Smazee are high attack-stat Temtem. Meanwhile, Houchic are Mental monsters with specialities in special attack and speed stats. These types are all markedly different from Pokemon, so it'll be interesting to see how they interact with one another.

It isn't clear exactly how the Temtem will interact with each other just yet, nor if there's some sort of unique way you'll have them battle each other, But from where we're standing, Temtem looks like an awesome option to play through if you think you've seen everything Pokemon currently has to offer. There's a wide variety of monsters included, opportunities for players on several platforms, and looks cute. 

Temtem is heading to PC via Steam Early Access on January 21, 2020. The full version of Temtem is targeting a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, but there's no firm date just yet.

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