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The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition is real, out on PC and Xbox One

The rumored bundle of Batman is now available for Xbox and PC, coming soon to additional platforms.


It's not just a rumor anymore – The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition is real, and it's here for you to purchase.

The new bundle, which comes with Batman: The Telltale Series, Batman: The Enemy Within, and their new update "Shadows Mode," is available on Xbox One and PC via Steam. It will also be hitting PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on the Epic Games Store in the near future, according to Telltale Games.

If you already purchased one episode from Batman: The Telltale Series, you're eligible to download the "Shadows Mode" DLC for just $4.99 if you're interested in applying it to your game. Essentially, it features hand-recolored gameplay and newly-remastered textures, bringing all ten episodes together while adding a new way to experience the game into the series.

You can see it all in action in the trailer above, but its most striking feature is the fact that it's all in visible black, red, and white as to obscure the color it was in previously. It does add an intriguing visual element, at the very least. 

Our own Josh Hawkins took the game for a test drive, and here's what he thought of it back when it first launched in 2016:

"The real spotlight on Bruce’s most recent story, however, is the mystery surrounding Thomas and Martha Wayne. Killed when he was just a child, Bruce’s parents have always been revered by the city of Gotham. After rumors are released to the press that the Wayne family has ties to the Mob, the family and its company’s integrity are called into question, and Bruce is left questioning everything he thought he knew about his parents and the legacy that they left behind when they died. It’s an intriguing string of plot that offers a lot of wiggle room and promise, and I’m excited to see where Telltale takes things in the next episode of the series."

Be sure to let us know if you try out the new Shadows Mode!

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