Magic The Gathering's Theros: Beyond Death revealed at The Game Awards 2019

Magic The Gathering is set to get even bigger thanks to the latest update, Theros: Beyond Death, which was revealed during tonight's Game Awards 2019 ceremony.


The Game Awards 2019 ceremony took place earlier today, and fans of Magic: The Gathering will be pleased to learn that January is going to bring them a brand-new set. Theros: Beyond Death is the newest set coming to the collectible card game, and it is currently set to release in physical versions on January 17, though the online CCG, Magic: The Gathering Arena will start to see Theros: Beyond Death sets appearing on January 16.

For those who have long been fans of the collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering Arena is a virtual version of the CCG and this year’s Game Awards ceremony really showed some dark undertones in the latest trailer. Unlike previous sets, which have been a bit more light-hearted, Theros has taken on a very dark form.

In a press release covering the new set, Wizards of the Coast writes, “Face your fears as nightmares become reality. The Trailer transports fans to the afterlife of Theros and showcases fan-favorite knight, Elspeth Tirel as she seeks to escape from the underworld. But nightmares from her past, as well as the gods themselves, stand in the way of her quest.”

The new set will include 250 plus cards, and will feature that series usual lavish artwork. The collectors out there will also be very pleased to know that there are tons of alternative cards to pick up and collect, which should keep faithful fans busy for quite a while. You can learn more about Magic: The Gathering Theros: Beyond Death by heading over to the official MTG website. Tons of other great news dropped during tonights Game Awards presentation, so make sure you head over to our news hub for the latest breaking info.

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