First Babylon's Fall footage debuted during State of Play

PlatinumGames' latest title was shown off during PlayStation's final 2019 State of Play presentation.


If you're in the market for an epic feast of visuals, Babylon's Fall may be right up your alley. Today's State of Play livestream gave us a look at the newest partnership between Square Enix and PlatinumGames, and it certainly looks interesting.

The trailer showed off players ascending some sort of tower fraught with dangers as they worked to continue through the narrative. There's plenty of over-the-top action to be engaged in, as well as challenging Souls-like combat that we'll likely see intermingling with skill trees and whatnot.

There's also a moment in the video where one of the characters ends up totally decimating a boss enemy using its own sword. In short, this looks like it's going to be well worth jumping into if you're a fan of both companies.

Unfortunately, despite an action-packed trailer that bears to be viewed multiple times, there wasn't any sort of release window or additional details shared. Square Enix has promised that we'll hear more about the game next summer, likely at E3 2020, if such a thing ends up existing, anyway. 

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