Kingdom Hearts 3 Re-Mind DLC gets January 2020 release date

The latest Kingdom Hearts III DLC installment will also feature Final Fantasy characters, which is great news for fans.


For fans looking to jump into more Kingdom Hearts 3, the upcoming Re-Mind DLC is now slated for release in January 2020. 

Kingdom Hearts fans can continue the story that began in Kingdom Hearts 3 with the Re-Mind DLC, launching on January 23 for PlayStation 4.

The new clip showed off new gameplay featuring both Roxas and Kairi as well as Yozora, the mystery character we first met in a secret movie from the main game. This particular video also revealed that, yes, Final Fantasy characters will actually be included. If you tuned into the Shacknews Game of the Year deliberations team, you may remember me complaining about a distinct lack of them in the game. Now what am I going to complain about? Plenty.

You can pick up the Re-Mind DLC when it drops in February on PlayStation 4, and hopefully it might answer some of the questions we still have about the narrative. And bring us a ton more Final Fantasy characters.

Please, Square Enix. Sprinkle them back in with any future content you release. The fans (and me) demand it. 

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